Latest Testimonials

“I enjoy Shirley’s tours immensely as she is a warm and welcoming individual with great knowledge of food and the surrounding areas/businesses she takes us on to explore.  Every tour is truly a uniquely organized fabulous experience and I consider myself lucky to know her.” -Tiffany Armstrong

“Being in the transportation business, our job is to ‘connect’ people.  Working with Shirley is another avenue that allows us to do that with style and tasty flare!  It is wonderful working with someone who is aligned with our own value proposition and who is dedicated to the experience of her guests.” -Kyara Kahakauwila

“I have only known Shirley Lang for a short time, and know of her very creative ways in caring for others.  Shirley planned a fabulous, fun-filled, multi-site, multi-faceted day. Her leadership, education, food preparation, and service, along with the joy she exudes in making a great experience for others, will long remain with me, as I recall our well-planned day. She facilitated a day that had me kicking back to enjoy the tour and the folks I traveled with and those I met throughout. Shirley Lang has a way of choosing nourishing goodness and exciting adventure, which had me feeling like I could “let the rest of the world go by” in the midst of this beautiful region of BC…like an immediate mini-vacation, with memories to last a life-time.” -Ray MacDonald

“Spending the day with Shirley is such a pleasure. She took care of every detail from beginning to end. It is clear that it is very important to her that her guests are enjoying themselves, enjoying the food and getting some education of food and beverage. Shirley is calm, cool and collected and a joy to spend the day with.” -Maureen Kelly-Matyczuk

“Shirley is a fantastic host and a culinary professional with a passion for what Vancouver Island has to offer. The tour Shirley provided was very unique and off the beaten track which I really enjoyed. The food Shirley prepared was fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed at Sheringham Distillery with beautiful ocean views.” -Deborah Sleno

“Shirley Lang is authentic and genuine. You can see her caring and passionate personal philosophy in the experiences she is creating for her guests, an expression of true hospitality. It is very apparent that she recognizes the talents of others and then uses her own to showcase the best parts of the local food and beverage community.” -Campbell Hunter

“Shirley is an energetic enthusiastic culinary artist that wants to show the world what this region has to offer. Her food is wonderful and makes the adventure off discovering Vancouver Island an experience you shouldn’t miss.” -Steve Erickson