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Lynne & Matt Pearson • Kirkland, Washington, USA

"We recently went on an unusual tour of Vancouver Island. Our guides Shirley and Fran took us on a fabulous food lovers adventure. We visited farms, wineries, a distillery, a salt harvestry, a cidery and an ecovillage, which practices permaculture food production and sustainable living. We traveled roads known only to locals and visited businesses that demonstrated the independent entrepreneurship that is flourishing on Vancouver Island. We were fed both body and soul. Shirley’s bannock helped us to start the day, her wonderful chicken and roast vegetable salad sustained us through the noon time and we ended the evening with Moroccan lamb chops that were to die for. We will be singing the praises of Spirit Excursions for years to come."

Elizabeth D'Eramo • Victoria, BC, Canada

“Shirley, I have to thank you for such a wonderful day on Wednesday. You and Fran did a terrific job of pampering us and allowing us to really relax on our adventure! I have lived here my whole life, and had never been to any of the places we visited. In fact, I hadn't even heard of half of them! They were off the beaten track, and yet completely worth visiting. It was great to be shown around each business by people who built it, and who are so passionate about what they do. Everyone was so friendly, and happy to share. We didn't come across a single person who seemed too busy for us, or tired of showing people around. I also loved the fresh and delicious packed lunches! The garden fresh greens, and moist chicken breast really took the packed lunch to a new level. And the dinner was even better! It was fun to pitch in to make salad from the ingredients you picked up at the farms, but the Moroccan pork tenderloin, which was matched perfectly with the creamy mashed yams, was the real showstopper! I feel like your passion for good food showed in every step of the tour, and I suspect it is that passion that lead you to connect with the people you took us to see. Whether humble, jocular, or straightforward, they all shared the creativity and drive to make their businesses work. I think this mix of great food and great people is a winning combination that I would recommend to any tourist who wants to see something more authentic than Government Street, or any local who wants to discover new culinary treasures. I'm now looking forward to introducing my husband to some of these gems. To bad I won't have any bannock for him to snack on along the way. Thinking of you with a full belly and a happy heart. – Elizabeth”

Doug McKay • Expedia Travel

“I had the pleasure of participating in one of Chef Shirley Lang's Culinary Tours. What a terrific day! I have rarely had as interesting, informative and just plain fun days as this day turned out to be! The day started with terrific coffee and buns served at Shirley's home. Shirley had arranged the most interesting and varied places to visit including two different but amazing farms; a fascinating fish and food processing plant; and a gorgeous home and event venue with beautiful ocean views where Chef Shirley served a delicious gourmet lunch. I would highly recommend Chef Shirley's tours to anyone who enjoys taking in the beautiful Vancouver Island scenery in comfort while exploring places one would probably never know existed, all punctuated with delicious culinary delights.”

Joan Cretney • Victoria, BC, Canada

“Hi Shirley, I just have to write to let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday's tour. Although I have lived in the Victoria area for a good many years I have never visited the spots you took us to. The places we went offered unique local products that I don't find in the stores in Victoria. I certainly have great ideas for hostess gifts for the future. We saw and tried great items at fair prices. I especially liked the salt and the salmon. I can even take that as gifts from Victoria when traveling, easy and light to pack and won't go bad. Last, but certainly not least, the gourmet meals we enjoyed. The lunch you provided put packed lunch in a whole new category and the Moroccan pork dinner that finished our day was beyond delicious.”

Dalinda Stark • Victoria, BC, Canada

“The most unique tour I have ever experienced (and you don’t want to miss this one) … bring your appetite for this thoroughly entertaining day! When I think of the adventure that we went on I recall the outstanding views we experienced, the unique shops we visited and the wonderful flavors you introduced me to. I’m still talking about this tour to all my friends and am looking forward to going again, as I know there is more to see and taste. Thanks Shirley! Are you visiting Victoria, have company visiting, looking for a unique experience to see what Victoria has to offer? …This is the tour to take! You’ll see and experience the unique qualities of Victoria down some of the hidden lanes.”

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