The culinary diversity of British Columbia awaits

In British Columbia, the beauty of nature creates a diversity only found in this part of the world. Two powers, the soaring peaks and the powerful Pacific, collide on the coast – creating a panorama that is ever-changing. The landscape brings with it an abundance that is meticulously described by the creativity of extraordinary culinary artisans. The flavours these artisans create are what we love to showcase and, because every individual’s palette is his or her own, no one tour need be identical. When you join us for one of our amazing tours, we encourage you to describe to us how you would like to make it your own; because every taste is unique just as the landscape of British Columbia is.

Let us describe the possibilities...

Pacific Ocean Dining Immersion

As you pause to embrace your surroundings, you will come to realize the company you are with is more than your fellow guests. Your company is Vancouver Island’s rhythmic connection with the Pacific Ocean. The colourful, sensitive seabed beneath you. The ocean at low tide, glistening like crystal. The pure marine air and open sky. The calm rustling of evergreens in the breeze. The Olympic Mountains in the distance, and the majestic Pacific displays its deepest blue. Shore crabs scurrying around, luscious seaweed gardens, resident eagles in old growth trees reside overhead, playful otters hang out while lazy seals sunbath on rolling rocks and heron fish nearby. All connected while you dine on the exquisite tastes of artisan craft and culinary mastery, unbound by confinement, experiencing what is plentiful in this magnificently beautiful part of the world; both on land and at sea.

Fresh Off the Farm

Fertile abundance is within arms’ reach as you meander through rows of tilled earth, sprouting with organic fruits and vegetables. Experience lunchtime dishes that are as surreal as the defined clarity, glowing colours, and unblemished aromas of some of the finest spirits you will taste later in your journey. As you experience the flavours of a cold beer crafted by a local brewery, the atmosphere of Swiss mountain chalets, old English pubs, and fresh forest air will fill your mind, and the natural richness of Honey Mead will simultaneously perk your senses and warm your soul.

Jet-Set Winery Tour

As you’re taken on a tour north from Downtown Victoria, the symmetry of local vineyards, the authenticity of artisan distilleries, and the sights of lush, green farmland on the Saanich Peninsula will take you back to a time where fertile land was more prominent than industry. Sipping on the bold burgundy and clear pearl colours of local wines and ciders, your taste buds will create everlasting memory – but your tour doesn’t end there. After experiencing the bold tastes of a scrumptious lunch created to arouse and satisfy your senses, you will be flown by private jet over the towering peaks of the Coast Mountains and touchdown in British Columbia’s premier wine country. As you face Kelowna’s warm air and everlasting sunshine, California’s wine country will feel jealous while you are taken through cascading vineyards, perched above Okanagan Lake, to your awaiting showcase of culinary artistry combining masterful experience with locally grown ingredients.

Let’s Mix It Up on the Peninsula

The contrast of Greater Victoria’s Saanich Peninsula will make you feel as though you’re hundreds of miles away from the city; yet you’re still remarkably close. The abundant farmland and evergreen groves are remarkably calming and remind you of fresh vegetables and the pure feeling of open air. The crisp scent of Douglas Fir will fill the air around you as you learn about the creation of artisan Champagne, Vinegar and other delectable specialty foods. Rich cheese, harmonizing cider and local wines will accompany you during the day, and in the evening, you will be invited to partake in a lavish three course dinner, showcasing all the splendid smells and tastes of Southern Vancouver Island.

Classic Cars & Classic Tastes

As you cruise along Dallas Road taking in stunningly beautiful ocean front properties, towards the Parliament Buildings, The Fairmont Empress and along the Inner Harbour in a 1926 Model T, Victorian architecture and new developments contrast; almost as if old and new have beautifully collided. A pristine classic car and stunning city sights will lead you to Victoria’s famed local breweries, where you will smell pure aromas and taste crisp flights of some of the finest craft beer. Afterwards, your evening with culminate at the private and exclusive Union Club, situated next to the Fairmont Empress, where impeccable whiskey paired with decadent charcuterie & cheese will be waiting for you.

Happy Trails Eco Edible Tour

Hemlock, Spruce, Fir and Cedar trees, the towering giants of the Pacific Northwest, host with them the most fertile soil beneath their canopy. Ethno ecologists study these fertile soils and have expansive knowledge of the edible and medicinal plants that grow within. The pure air and scent of evergreen will follow you throughout your walk with the Ethnoecologist as you explore. You will witness culinary mastery after your tour as these edible plants will be intricately used in each of your dishes. The sense and feeling of the forest will accompany you to a local brewery where crisp craft beer flavours will mesh perfectly with the flavours of the forest.

Discover Traditional Aboriginal Life

Aboriginal descendants and their forefathers have cherished British Columbia for its abundant landscape, dominant wildlife and superb beauty long before European Settlement. As you ascend over the Malahat, the breathtaking panoramic views and rugged landscape will be etched in your memory, and you will begin to understand why British Columbia’s Aboriginal People hold this land in such high regard. Executive Chef Shirley Lang of Kitchens of Distinction Culinary Arts is of Cree decent. Her passion for cultural intricacies and Aboriginal history will be masterfully showcased on your tour. After you visit Quw’utsun Cultural Centre, experience the history and passion of an Aboriginal Traditional Dance Ceremony, and taste the delicacy of Traditional Coast Salish cuisine. You will be left wanting to learn so much more!

Travel the World, In Victoria

The tastes of Victoria combine amazing nationalities with distinct West Coast treasures. The diverse ethnic markets are home to some of the most delectable flavours of cuisine and come in tantalizing varieties that will arouse your senses at every turn. As you stroll up Fisgard Street and through Fan Tan Alley, the history of Canada’s oldest Chinatown will come rushing to life. The Middle Eastern and Mediterranean shops and restaurants are hidden, sought after jewels that will make you feel like you’re halfway around the world.

Aboriginal Art & Tapas Tour

The sheer beauty of Aboriginal artwork takes you to a time in history when the Pacific Ocean and old growth Cedar, Spruce, Hemlock and Fir dominated the horizon, and European settlements were generations away. The talents of Aboriginal artists have been passed down from generations to generation with the sole purpose of passing on wisdom and history; to preserve traditions and culture. The stories, lessons and meanings behind each piece of artwork is breathtaking and remarkable. As you enjoy the notes of local wines and savour the flavours of Aboriginal-inspired tapa’s, created by Executive Chef Shirley Lang from the Cree Nation, these stories will come to life, entice your imagination and deepen your appreciation of history.

Winery & Sunset Yacht Tour

As your chauffer drives you on a picturesque tour north from downtown Victoria, the symmetry of local vineyards, the authenticity of artisan distilleries, and the pastoral sights of lush, green farmland on the Saanich Peninsula will take you back to a time where fertile land was more prominent than industry. To conclude your exclusive uniquely designed wine and spirits tour, you will watch the sun set while enjoying an elegant 3-course gourmet dinner on your own private yacht.

If you find that details from more than one of our tours intrigue you, we can create a unique tour for you! Simply contact us for consultation. There is a non Refundable deposit required to proceed with creating a unique culinary tour. Once the tour is created the deposit amount will be applied to the final cost of the tour.

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